How your values can help you win the year


How your values can help you win the year

Our core values are like our north star. They guide us in our decision making. When you’re trying to start or build a business, especially as a solo entrepreneur, that north star is illuminating our path.

One of the biggest struggles we can have on this “be your own boss journey” is clarity. Clarity about our idea. Clarity about who our audience should be. Clarity about our offerings. But when we get clear on our values and how they align with why we want to become our own boss, we can bring into focus a plan of action to move towards clarity in our business.

Value Words Need Meaning

Now value words are great but you need to know what those words mean to you in your pursuit of serving others.  Write a brief description or summary of each of your value words. This helps to really give your word meaning and purpose.

How do your values help you win the year? It’s by keeping them front and center every single day. Take 30 seconds to write your values in your calendar or day/planner at the beginning of your workday. Right after you write out your three-year vision. Your vision and values become your guide to the business and life you’re dreaming up.

So, grab your coffee, push play, and let me know in the comments if this resonates with you.

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I’m Jennifer. I help aspiring female entrepreneurs level up their mindset, create success habits, and achieve flow so that they can finally start the business of their dreams.

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