Try a Tech Break to Add More Focus to Your Day

Episode 403

Try a Tech Break to Add More Focus to Your Day

Hey! Hey! Girlfriend!

Are you heads down clicking away on your computer trying to get your dang biz off? Girlfriend, it’s time to stop the click so you can add more focus to your day. As aspiring entrepreneurs, we can get caught in the tech that we’re using to start or build our business but our brain is thirsty for a little downtime.

Add Tech Breaks

In this quick video, I’m sharing a few ways that you can use your tech break so that you can pause, reflect, and process your ideas better. Adding in two 15-minute tech breaks into your business day is a simple way to build in downtime which can reduce stress, increase creativity, and create a-ha moments.  

If you’re not using tech breaks to help you build your focus muscle, then today’s the day to try adding a tech break or two into your daily schedule.

So, grab your coffee, push play, and let me know in the comments if this resonates with you.

xx jennifer

I’m Jennifer. I help aspiring female entrepreneurs level up their mindset, create success habits, and achieve flow so that they can finally start the business of their dreams.

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