hiya, I’m Jennifer

Strategist, Catalyst, Mentor

So, you’re ready to rise to new levels of AWE.


hey girlfriend!


Whether you’re working for someone else or for yourself, you know your life has a greater purpose and you’re ready to make a bigger impact. But, in the world of busy, sometimes you have to slow down so that you can gain momentum.

We’ve been programmed to fill our days with meetings, appointments, and other people’s priorities. How do we take back our calendar, time, and life to focus on the things that help us reach our goals, make a real impact, and to live our legacy (not just leave)?

You need a framework to help you pay attention to what you’re focusing on each day so that you can break free from distractions and achieve your goals with daily flow.  

It’s time to rise up, girlfriend.

Let’s do it together.

Daily Purposeful Action. The Diet of Champions.

My Story

For more than 15 years, I was a Human Resources Leader working with Fortune 50 companies, non-profit organizations and global tech industry leaders. I’ve earned some fancy alphabet letters that sparkle behind my name in change management, organizational development, and coaching but I’m most proud of the legacy I’m living for my family. 

I’m so grateful to spend my days helping women leaders rise up in their career, whether they work for someone else or themselves. I believe that our mindset holds the key to our success or failure in life. It’s the gateway to creating healthy habits and staying focused so that we can achieve our biggest dreams. It’s through faith and persistence that helps us do the things that seem impossible.

My Values & Beliefs

Integrity Always

This is my personal motto. I strive to be an honest, genuine person who treats others with fairness.

Authentic Living

I keep it real. I share my experiences and life lessons from a place of love and in hopes of helping others write their own story. 


Just like my granny, I believe in helping others because it’s the right thing to do. I vow to give from a place of abundance in all that I do.

Everyday Learning

I am a student of life and open myself up to the lessons that surround me each and every day. We are all learning daily. It’s just a matter of embracing it and taking those lessons forward into the life ahead.

Family First

I put my family first above all else and encourage my friends, team members, and clients to do the same. It’s our family who shapes us and it is for them that we are living our legacy every day.





My Approach

Ultimately, it’s about achieving our mindful daily F.L.O.W. to help us live purposely. I’ve crafted an action based high-performance system to help us do just that.

My 90-day goal setting guide has been carefully tailored from real-life experience, tested, and refined so that you can achieve your biggest goals but more importantly, to help you savor the journey of self-discovery and growth along the way. Every goal setting printable and program I create is birth from a place of serving you. I’m all about giving. What can I say…I got it from my granny!

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